The perfect cryptocurrency trading platform

TWIM is a new generation cryptocurrency trading platform, created to meet every need of all its users in the rapidly developing digital asset market. Being professionals in every field of financial market, including development of trading platforms and useful instruments for traders, the TWIM team has created a unique platform that meets all the requirements of the classic exchange trading, applied to the cryptocurrency market, considering the high volatility, potential market growth, and needs of every trader.
The main idea is to provide traders with the most convenient toolkit, suitable for progressive scaling of the market and ready for further possible implementation of any regulatory requirements. The uniqueness of this idea lies in the integration of the classic stock market mechanics into a cryptocurrency trading platform. Our product is a solution that is suitable for everyone: whether it is a professional trader, someone who is familiar with market conditions, or a person who has recently become interested in trading digital assets.
The TWIM platform provides every user with a new field for operational maneuvers and the ability to instantly react to all rating changes. A wide range of stock instruments in conjunction with high levels of safety, performance and accessibility makes the platform the embodiment of your dreams. Now you are ready to feel the pulse of the market. TWIM.


FVR000286 18.07.2018
Financial services, Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
FFA000268 18.07.2018
Financial services, Operating as a financial institution
FRK000203 29.06.2018
Financial services, Providing a virtual currency wallet service

Regulated Crypto Exchange

Republic of Estonia Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit
Licenses № FVR000286, № FFA000268, № FRK000203