TWIM referral program

Increase your revenue up to 20% by growing your referral network. The TWIM referral program has three levels: Not only do you get bonuses from traders who you have invited through your referral link, but also from traders who have been invited by the member who used your referral code initially.

Let’s see how the TWIM referral program works in practice:

First of all, complete your registration at TWIM. You will get your personal referral link (available on your TWIM account page). It’s a first-level referral link. Now you are able to send this link to your friends and other acquaintances.
Level 1 referral comission
Level 2 referral comission
Level 3 referral comission
Every first-tier partner will bring you income, which equals to 10% of their fees, paid to the exchange. They will then be able to invite their friends, through their own referral code. Once they register, they will become your second-tier referrals and you will get 6% of all fees, they pay to the exchange. Your second-tier referrals can then invite their friends using their own referral code, and so on. As a result, their first-tier referrals will become your third-tier referrals and you will receive 4% of all fees, paid to the exchange. Inviting new traders to the exchange, will enable you to form your own TWIM partner network, which will bring you additional income!

Terms & Conditions:

The referral fee will be paid in the asset in which the transaction was provided. The number of acquaintances you can invite is not limited. Invite as many people as you wish in order to grow your own network.
Each referral must be registered through the referral link, QR code or referral id.
TWIM will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. Duplicated or shared finances will result in disqualification.
TWIM can adjust or change the rules of the referral program due to any changes in market conditions, fraud risk or other factors at any time.

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