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Over the past decade, cryptocurrencies have become firmly established in financial life, as a tool for investment, and more and more people and companies are choosing some of them as an instrument for themselves. Cryptocurrency Market attracted the attention of largest institutional market participants and world regulators. Solutions such as regulated ETF funds using cryptocurrencies have emerged and keep growing. In addition, many central banks around the world have been preoccupied with creating state-owned cryptocurrencies, the so-called CBDC. Thus, the crypto market continues to actively integrate with the classic financial sector.

However, this market, which was formed spontaneously not so long ago, so far is significantly different from the classical financial market which has been developing for hundreds of years. One of the main differences is the lack of some unified legal status of cryptocurrencies, which vary widely across the world. In particular, in El Salvador, cryptocurrency is already used as a legal tender. Or, for example, in the United States and the European Union (Estonia, Switzerland) some cryptocurrencies are actually equated with securities so there is an appropriate legislative framework for them although there is no separate regulation for tokens and cryptocurrencies. In some countries legislation on the circulation of cryptocurrency assets is being developed, for example, in the Russian Federation. There are countries where cryptocurrencies (and their mining) are banned at all, for example, in China, where in the past decade the development of mining and its’ volumes were huge.

The second difference in the crypto market is the lack of diversification of the roles of its’ participants similar to the classic market. Participants of the classical market (exchange, broker, dealer, underwriter, depository, market maker, etc.) are parts of one system with fixed functions. In addition, there are strong and smooth interactions and rules between them. One participant fn the cryptocurrency market can combine several roles. For example, can be both an exchange (as a matchmaking between market participants) and a broker (by providing access to the exchange and conducting customer procedures, including AML and KYC) and the depository (by holding cryptocurrency assets). As a result, the service can become ineffective, there are risks of fraud, etc. Which unfortunately not once were suspected various crypto exchanges. And in that situation – the additional non-trade risks associated with the often fragile technical infrastructure will grow.

These are the reasons outlined above that are the need for the cryptocurrency brokers which can provide end users (traders) with sustainable and rapid access to markets, while providing a full range of support services, has been updated.


The TWIM Crypto broker: opportunities and advantages

Cryptocurrency broker TWIM has advantages over cryptocurrency exchanges while providing a profitable, efficient and understandable service to its’ users:

Single entry point to the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency exchanges can have significant differences in trading volumes, instruments, market prices, commissions, which leads to the fact that traders need to trade on several exchanges. This can increase both trade risks and non-trade risks related to the security of the exchange, the level of support service, etc. There is a need for a single entry point for trade and other trade-related issues.

The TWIM crypto broker in this part can offer clients high liquidity by aggregating it from several exchanges. As a result, traders will have access to lower spreads, better market offers (by bid/ask), and lower fees than crypto exchanges. Thus, the crypto broker will provide the client with a single point of entry to the cryptocurrency market in terms of trade, as well as support and other technical and legal aspects.

High security of users' assets and personal data

The huge selection of exchanges for trading cryptocurrency assets and their

reputation unfortunately can’t prevent the end user from hacking the stock exchange or leaking the identity of traders and stealing digital assets. Hacks with users' data leaks, theft of cryptocurrency accounts on exchanges, alas, are not uncommon. In this case, it is both practical and legally problematic to solve these problems with the exchange to the user, where it is at least possible.

The TWIM broker can provide storage of clients' assets in «cold» purses. At the same time, brokers’ funds for trading are diversified for several exchanges, which significantly reduces the risk of loss of funds due to the hacking of a particular exchange. In addition, the retention of users' personal data is legally justified, and tools such as two-stage user authentication and other security mechanisms (blocking the account by time, logging of user sessions, limits on trading volumes, etc.) can protect customers from an unauthorized entry and trade or personal data leaks.

User-friendly interface

The vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges use only web terminals for

trading which have a number of drawbacks. The most common is the slow speed of the terminal upgrade, an occasional difficulties with order setting and cancellation, especially when there is a large simultaneous number of calls during various events on the market. In addition, these terminals are often impossible to set up for user and additional tools, such as indicators, etc. are available in limited numbers or are not available at all.

The TWIM Broker uses a terminal based on the Meta Trader 5 platform, which has more speed and convenience in terms of customization capabilities. The platform has a whole database of possible indicators and other tools not available when using web terminals. For example, the ability to order your own indicator in the Meta Trader portal community.

Single platform for software interface

For each exchange, in fact, there is a need to implement the robot. Additional costs in developing such solutions as, for example, an appropriate API trading robots on different exchanges, are caused by significant differences of functional and infrastructural nature between crypto exchanges. Existing projects that attempt to harmonize access to exchanges are often distributed at a fee or made publicly available without guarantees of reliable operation and support. This ultimately increases the costs associated with developing and supporting software solutions for automated trading.

A single MQL broker API platform can solve these problems. Particularly, in the broker’s API you have access to all the necessary operations to implement trading robots and indicators. Therefore, the client does not need to think about whether he can make a transaction on a particular exchange or not. Moreover, even if one of the exchanges is unavailable due to, for example, technical work, the broker will be able to process customer requests and responses because it’s connected to several exchanges. It should be noted that the broker’s API platform can also provide its’ customers with SLA (maximum allowed number of requests per unit of time) on API requests and a full-fledged technical support service.

User-friendly for beginners

Some users of cryptocurrency exchanges are newcomers, and they face great difficulties in trading. In addition to the lack of basic knowledge on exchange trading, the interface, the demonstration mode, the use of indicators can vary significantly from exchange to exchange, not to mention the quality of user support. This increases the threshold of entry on the one hand and reduces the confidence of such users in the stock exchanges overall.

The TWIM broker in this part is more friendly to new users. It can provide them an extensive exchange trading and cryptocurrencies knowledge base. And the user has the ability to configure the terminal interface for himself. Various indicators and guides to them will help novice traders in the initial analysis of the market situation. Demo mode and settings of restrictions on the first deals can help beginners to start trading on the market and technical support with the expected level of service will help to solve any problems.

One affiliate program instead of many

Traders, often present on several exchanges, face difficulties in understanding and aggregating proposals and changes in their partnership programs. There is a need for continuous calculations of these programs, as well as the monitoring of their changes and forecasting the results of these changes.

The TWIM offers a more intuitive single solution for partner programs. All profit calculations for the crypto broker program, a list of privileges, a list of users involved in the program will be available in the client’s personal account.

High-quality users technical support

One of the significant problems of cryptocurrency exchanges in most cases is the lack of high-quality technical support for users. Problems can occur at all levels - from communication failure in translating user’s errors request and delays due to inefficient internal exchange processes.

The TWIM broker will provide a better technical support and its’ manager for each client. Thus, the TWIM broker will provide users with the following opportunities and benefits:

Multi-level Liquidity Aggregation with Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

- Choosing a better offer by aggregating prices from multiple sources, and therefore more profitable cryptocurrency purchase/sale offers than crypto exchanges.

- Higher liquidity due to the addition of liquidity of connected exchanges.

- Lower transaction fees compared to crypto exchanges.

Stand-alone MetaTrader 5 terminal.

- High speed compared to classic web terminals of crypto


- User-friendly and customizable user interface.

- Extensive opportunities for the creation and use of trading

robots and indicators based on the MQL development platform.

All kinds of trade orders.

Access to trade in classical markets

- Access to Forex Market Tools.

- Access to the stock market.

- Access to commodity markets.

- Access to derivatives of different categories.

High level of technical support

- Support manager for each customer.

Opportunities for Beginners.

- Secure trading with demo account.

- Rich knowledge base on trading cryptocurrencies and other


Profitable Affiliate Program.

High Security.

- Storage of users' funds on «cold» wallets.

- Two-step user authentication to confirm transactions in your


- Login of user sessions.

- Flexible management of trade ceilings.


The TWIM Token

TWIM utility token is a cryptocurrency executed on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain that supports the TWIM cryptocurrency broker ecosystem.

Total TWIM Tokens: 100,000,000,000,000

At the same time, 10% of the commissions of the crypto broker TWIM will go to the redemption of the TWIM token from the market and its’ subsequent burnings.

The TWIM token will be distributed in the ratios shown in the table and diagram (fig. 1).

The TWIM investors involved in the project at different stages can expect a profit, as it is not formed by new holders, but through the services provided by the TWIM broker, so there is the opportunity to invest as situationally under listing and other processes, and for an extended period.

Fig. 1 - TWIM Token Distribution Diagram.

The annual trading volume of centralized exchanges is more than $50 trillion in spot instruments and more than $120 trillion in derivatives.

The primary objective of TWIM brokerage company in its’ first year of operation – is to use its’ unique opportunities for customers and to get a market share of 0.1% of the global volume.

That is $50 billion in the cryptocurrency spot market, as well as $120 billion in the crypto derivatives market.

According to the TWIM brokerage company planned commission policy, as well as statistics of trading of the average customer, the average commission will make about 0.06% of the total volume of trading on the spot market and 0.02% on the futures market.

Thus, in one year of operation it is planned to reach the monthly revenue of:

4,5 mln$ = (50 bln$ *0,06%+ 120 bln$*0.02%)/12

The monthly fee that will be sent for the redemption and burning of the TWIM token is 10%. Thus, the monthly demand from the TWIM after the first

year of operation will be 450$ thousand.

There will be 45% of the total TWIM tokens or 45,000,000,000 TWIM at the token price of 0, 000 001 USDt.

Therefore, the monthly buyback and burning of the TWIM token after the first year of the exchange will be up to 450,000,000 TWIM or 0.01% of the total number of free-floating tokens.


The TWIM Team

The TWIM team is a mix of experienced professionals from the world of finance (crypto-enthusiasts, influencers, speakers, fibers) which have a high level of contacts with a great variety of crypto exchanges. This will, on the one hand – allow to implement listing of TWIM token on various crypto exchanges, including top ones; and on the other – provide mutually beneficial interaction of crypto exchanges with broker TWIM.

TWIM’s top management includes:

Cofounder / Head of UAE Office – Max Ravinski

CEO – Mike Munk

Company Member – Rishat Akhmedgareev

Company Member – Ayman Ali Hamed

Risk Notification: Ownership of cryptocurrencies, including the TWIM token, is always risky: the value of cryptocurrencies and tokens can both rise and fall. Past investment results do not guarantee future returns. In accordance with the legislation, the company does not guarantee and does not promise future returns on investments, does not give a guarantee of reliability of possible investments and stability of possible income.

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